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PALgamma Overview

PAL has created a breakthrough in catastrophe modelling and climate investment risk. Our new computer system PALgamma is uniquely positioned to provide a multi-factor approach to quantifying year-on-year and region-by-region exposure to climate risk and to forecasting the financial impact of climate related events. Features include:

  • natural disaster risk and analytics data by region, peril (cyclone, drought, flood) and year.
  • interactive geospatial maps for visualizing risk and analytical data
  • year by year loss estimation forecasts and value at risk reporting
  • measurement of the proportion of losses that are attributable to climate change (PALca claims algorithm)

Our computer algorithm exhibits high correlation (96%) to reported historical worldwide loss data. Our loss estimation algorithm indicates a $47 billion improvement for 2015-2020 compared to traditional approaches.

Costing in the causal effects of greenhouse gas emissions on extreme weather events is a complex area. PAL's unique, state-of-the-art catastrophe modelling techniques offer major, new improvements in climate risk reporting. As global exposure to climate risk approaches $1 trillion a year, can you afford not to have the knowhow?

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PALgamma Screenshots

PALgamma disaster risk density hot spots

PALgamma model and actual global number of natural catastrophes 1980-2015


PALgamma Video


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