AIMSAdaptation, Insurance, Mitigation and Social fund
AMOAtlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (ocean current)
AnthropoceneCurrent geological age (human-dominated)
arXivElectronic repository of scientific paper pre-prints
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation, London
BCyears before Christ
Billionone thousand million (109)
BMGFBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle WA, USA
BOCBritish Oxygen Company, now part of Linde (industrial gases)
BTUBritish Thermal Unit (1055 Joules)
CaCO3Calcium carbonate (chalk, limestone, etc)
CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy (see Figure 7.4)
CCClimate change
CCEICenter for Clean Energy Innovation, Washington DC
CCFECulham Centre for Fusion Energy, Oxfordshire, UK
CCSCarbon capture and storage
CDMClean Development Mechanism (Kyoto Protocol)
CEOChief Executive Officer
CIWCarbon intensity weighting (see Chapter Ten)
CO2Carbon dioxide gas (GHG)
COPConference of Parties (e.g. COP21) of the UNFCCC
CPCarbon price (see tables in Chapter Six)
CREDCentre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, Belgium
CSRCorporate social responsibility
CTCCenter for Carbon Taxation, New York
CUPCambridge University Press
CWECarcass Weight Equivalent
DARAIndependent organisation aiming to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian aid, Madrid, Spain
DCDirect current (electricity)
DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change, London
EIAEnergy Information Administration, Washington DC
EM-DATDatabase of Emergency Events (CRED)
ENSOEl Niño-Southern Oscillation (ocean current)
EnthalpyThermodynamic term; internal energy of a system
EoceneGeological epoch, 56–33.9 million years ago
EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
ETSEmissions Trading Scheme (e.g. EU ETS)
FiTFeed-in Tariff (renewable energy subsidy)
GDPGross Domestic Product, a measure of economic growth
GHGGreenhouse gases (e.g. CO2, methane)
GMGenetically modified (foodstuffs)
GTLGas to Liquids (e.g. methane to liquid petroleum products)
GWGlobal warming (climate change)
GWhGigawatt hours (amount of electricity)
H2Hydrogen gas
HFCHydrofluorocarbon (ozone-friendlier refrigerant)
HIPPOHabitat destruction, Invasive species, Population, Pollution, Overharvesting
HSBHartford Steam Boiler (insurance company), Hartford CT, USA
IETInternational Emissions Trading (under Kyoto Protocol)
IETAInternational Emissions Trading Association, London
IMFInternational Monetary Fund, Washington DC
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Geneva
JETJoint European Torus, experimental fusion reactor at CCFE
JET-AJet engine fuel used in the United States
JIJoint Implementation (Kyoto Protocol)
JouleSI (International System) unit of work or energy
KyotoProtocol Treaty based on 1992 UNFCCC; GHG emissions reduction
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA, USA
LFTRLiquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (nuclear reactor)
LiLithium (used in batteries)
LiNLiquid Nitrogen (sometimes called LN2)
LSELondon School of Economics
MDManaging Director
MetOffice Meteorological Office
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA
MPMember of Parliament (law maker)
MSRMarket Stability Reserve (floor pricing for EU ETS)
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington DC
NathanMunich RE’s disaster and catastrophe loss database
NDCNormalised disaster and catastrophe ratio (see Chapter Seven)
NEINuclear Energy Institute, Washington DC
NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program, Washington DC
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring MD, USA
NPVNet Present Value (accounting term)
NSTANational Science Teachers Association, Arlington VA, US
OCO-2Orbiting Carbon Observatory (NASA)
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Paris
p-valueStatistical significance test (the Null Hypothesis)
PALPredict Ability Ltd, Farnborough, UK
PALcaPAL’s algorithm for estimating global attribution
PALcabodyGlobal attribution value – all losses
PALcatailGlobal attribution value – disaster and catastrophe losses
PALcarbonPAL’s carbon-pricing product
PALgammaPAL’s disaster-frequency, location and loss-prediction tool
PBMRPebble-bed modular reactor (small-scale nuclear plant)
PBSPublic Broadcasting Service, Arlington VA, USA
PCPersonal computer
PDOPacific Decadal Oscillation (ocean current)
PDSIPalmer Drought Severity Index (soil moisture calculation)
PEAProbabilistic Event Attribution (see Chapter Seven)
PIKPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Potsdam, Germany
PVPhotovoltaic (solar panel)
R2Coefficient of determination (statistical goodness of fit)
RD&DResearch, Development and Demonstration
REReinsurance (companies that insure insurance companies)
REACTReinsurance Event Attributed Carbon Tax (see Chapter Seven)
REDD+Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (UN programme), Geneva, Switzerland
REERare earth element
REIRenewable Energy Investment (see Chapter Five)
RFFResources for the Future (think tank), Washington DC
RGGIRegional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Inc, New York
Rio+20UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
RITAResearch and Innovative Technology Administration, Washington DC
RoIReturn on Investment
S&PStandard & Poor’s (market index), New York
SDStandard Deviation (statistics, the amount of variation in a dataset)
SDSystem Dynamics (a tool for analysing complex systems)
SLRSea-level rise
TITANCray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN, USA
TrillionMillion million (1012)
UKUnited Kingdom
UKERCUK Energy Research Centre, London
UNUnited Nations, New York
UNFCCCUN Framework Convention on Climate Change, New York
UNISDRUN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, Switzerland
USUnited States of America
US$US currency (assume US dollars unless stated otherwise)
VATValue Added Tax
VEIVolcanic Explosivity Index (logarithmic, relative measure of a volcano’s explosiveness)
WALL-EWaste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class (Pixar / Disney Pictures)
WECWorld Energy Council, London
WEFWorld Economic Forum, Cologny, Switzerland
WRIWorld Resources Institute, Washington DC

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