PAL Universal Carbon Prices

This table shows PAL’s Universal Carbon Price (UCP) by country, based on carbon dioxide emissions, GDP and population by country data. PAL’s Universal Carbon Price incorporates a weighting factor that represents the proportions of cost of emissions that can be fairly laid at the doors of various countries. Data is displayed for 2014, 2015 and the % year-on-year change.



  1. Cumulative Carbon Debt = Cumulative carbon emissions x PAL cumulative carbon price
  2. Carbon Debt = Annual carbon emissions x PAL 1-Year carbon price
  3. Carbon Revenue are public revenues which are generated through both carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems
  4. Carbon Repayment Ratio = Carbon Revenue / Carbon Debt. A ratio of 100% implies the carbon tax pays for the loss and damage caused by carbon emissions.
  5. UCP Revenue Potential = Annual carbon emissions x PAL universal carbon price (UCP)
  6. Data sources: BP Statistical Review of World Energy, IEA, PAL
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