Carbon Risk Analytics

PAL Carbon Value at Risk metrics

Carbon Value at Risk (VaR) measures per company climate investment risk based on a standard set of global and company specific emission scenarios and confidence levels.

FTSE 100 Carbon VaR metrics

PAL Universal Carbon Price

PAL’s Universal Carbon Price incorporates a weighting factor that represents the proportions of cost of emissions that can be laid at the doors of various countries.

Universal Carbon Prices

PAL Carbon Liability to Earnings & Assets Ratios

The PAL Carbon Liability to Earnings Ratio (CLEAR) is the ratio of a company’s direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions liability to company earnings.

FTSE 100 CLEAR Ratings Find out more

PAL Carbon Loss Index (CLIX)

The PAL Carbon Loss Index (CLIX) provides a financial carbon pricing measure of the loss and damage arising from carbon emissions. Dating back to January 1980, historical CLIX index values have been made available based on the Reinsurance Event Attributed Carbon Tax (REACT) system.

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PAL Climate Risk Index

The PAL Climate Risk Index provides a measure of the financial loss and damage arising from anthropogenic climate change. It utilises worldwide insurance loss data arising from extreme weather events (meteorological, hydrological, climatological). Dating back to January 1980, historical index values have been made available in this monthly report.

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