Measuring FTSE 100 Carbon Value-at-Risk: Which sectors are adapting for a lower-carbon future?

This report provides a lens through which the long-term financial impacts of climate change for a portfolio of companies may be measured. Whilst significant change is underway as sectors prepare to transition to a lower-carbon economy, a long-term quantitative risk approach is required to effectively measure the preparedness of individual companies and the rate-of-transition of sectors as a whole.

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Predicting the Price of Carbon Supplement 1: Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station Enhanced Carbon Audit Case Study

Predicting the price of carbon: how to crack the climate change code for good. Supplement 1 Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station Enhanced Carbon Audit LCA Case Study

Uniquely, in today’s emerging arena of carbon auditing, Predict Ability Ltd (PAL) offers future-proofed carbon-pricing relevant to every industry as well as all existing and future energy sources. PAL’s new development is called ‘Enhanced Carbon Auditing’ (ECA) and far exceeds the reach of conventional carbon-auditing remits, by quantifying the associated financial impact throughout the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – currently and, most notably, to 2050 and beyond.

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Predicting the Price of Carbon: How to Crack the Climate Change Code for Good

predicting the price of carbon by richard clarke

Our book Predicting the Price of Carbon by Richard H. Clarke demonstrates that the cost of carbon can be scientifically determined and explains how to analyse and isolate the damage attributable to man-made climate change and thus how to put a predictable, fair and effective price on it – past, present and future.

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