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The PAL Carbon Loss Index (CLIX) provides a financial carbon pricing measure of the loss and damage arising from carbon emissions. The CLIX index is available via our PALcarbon Data Service along with global carbon benchmarks, carbon pricing curves and per fuel-type prices for all energy types. Carbon prices are updated frequently throughout the day in conjunction with the latest temperature anomaly and fuel emission data.

Our PALcarbon Data Service is simple and straight forward to use.

Features Include

  • Real-time data for a a comprehensive set of global carbon indices
  • Real-time data for weighted and unweighted carbon prices on a per energy source basis.
  • Historical data for global carbon indices and per energy source carbon prices.

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Predict Ability Ltd (PAL) is committed to supporting the adoption of a universal and transparent carbon price.  PALcarbon is a real-time carbon pricing and reporting system for clients that takes into account the real cost of damage caused by carbon emissions.  PALgamma is a computing risk engine for forecasting extreme weather related disaster events and identifying the impact of man-made climate change.  Predicting the Price of Carbon: How to tackle the climate change code for good is a recent publication that addresses the goals and strategies for tackling climate change.

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