What is climate change costing your business? $760 Billion or 25% of the FTSE100 is at risk

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Global warming, caused by CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, currently costs global GDP a staggering $1 trillion in damages p.a. Small wonder the UN, IMF and World Bank have all called for a carbon price: policy makers in government and corporations urgently need this price so they can account for the true cost to humanity of their decisions, activities and investments.


Way ahead of the curve, PAL is the ONLY company in the world to have scientifically determined the true carbon price, based on the loss and damage caused by extreme weather events attributable to manmade climate change. PAL alone can put a scientifically accurate $ price on this: dollars per tonne CO2 – not simply tonnes of CO2.


PAL's exclusive, world leading IP and technology enables a huge range of unprecedented capabilities including: monetized carbon auditing of big-ticket projects like nuclear power plants; measurement of carbon liability of, say, proven reserves of oil companies; assessment of carbon liability Value at Risk (VaR) for asset managers across all industry and energy types including renewables.




Using the world’s ONLY scientifically determined cost of carbon emissions you can now:

Put a $ value on your current carbon footprint and your future carbon liability risk

Dollars per tonne CO2 – not simply tonnes of CO2





  • PAL's company-level carbon risk metrics and scenario analysis enables like-for-like comparison of financial risk exposures across all sectors.


  • PAL's insurance loss and damage algorithm is used to determine the global cost of disasters.


  • PAL's methodology validates and calibrates carbon trading and taxation schemes, provides carbon price floors and helps rationalise low carbon investments and adaptation measures.


  • PAL's gamma algorithm predicts where and when disasters are most likely to occur.



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PAL provides carbon pricing software, services and business solutions that help financial institutions and public agencies understand, quantify and track their carbon risk exposure.

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