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Carbon Pay ® is a scientific revolution in carbon pricing that identifies and protects against carbon liability. Cap and trade is too cumbersome. Carbon tax is too political. Carbon Pay scientifically formulates the right price of carbon, identifies the revenue payable by corporations and enables them to allocate it to formally approved projects, thereby visibly enhancing corporate ethical profiles.

Our system is science-based, offering carbon-pricing services that are relevant to every organization, and incorporating all existing and future energy sources.

Our innovative approach to auditing – known as Enhanced Carbon Auditing (ECA) – exceeds the reach of conventional methods, rationally quantifying both the present and accumulative financial impacts of carbon, to 2050 and beyond.

This advanced new strategy enables organizations to protect themselves against carbon liability costs; and provides organizations external investment opportunities using internal carbon price based capital.

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PAL provides carbon pricing software, services and business solutions that help financial institutions and public agencies understand, quantify and track their carbon risk exposure.

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