Carbon Pricing based on Climate Change Loss and Damage

PAL has developed a unique carbon pricing system that is future-proofed and science-based.

We take into account the real cost of damage that emissions are causing our planet, transforming the way carbon prices are set for now and for the future.


Today’s cost of carbon based on loss and damage is


How it works

Today, the vast majority of carbon prices impose a fixed target, based on a ‘cap and trade’ formula.

Our system uses a scientifically-determined algorithm to calculate carbon prices in real-time across more than 140 countries. Rather than issuing a fixed price, our mechanism sets an individual and dynamic carbon rating for each emitter, which is directly proportionate to the damage that they cause. To put this into context, even renewables have an associated carbon rating, as the manufacturing of clean technologies often uses electricity from fossil-fuel power stations. This process is called carbon intensity weighting.

Why it matters

To avoid the worst effects of climate change the world needs to rapidly shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Without a global price on carbon there can be no sustainable solution to the impacts of climate change.

It’s the one key factor that virtually all leading environmentalists, international bankers, scientific experts and policy makers worldwide agree is both vital and increasingly urgent. Those who have called for a global, coordinated carbon price include Christiana Figueres (UN), Christine Lagarde (IMF), Jim Kim (WB), Mark Carney (Bank of England), Ségolène Royal (Ministre l’Environment, France), and energy giants (OGCI).


What it does

  •   Incentivise carbon emitters to reinvest in renewables & lower carbon intensive fuels
  •   Provide continuous revenue against the ongoing damage caused by climate change
  •   Benchmark carbon pricing globally, by country and by organisation
  •   Propose revenue allocation to recompense those impacted by climate change

Who it’s for

Our carbon pricing system helps you to ascertain your present and future carbon costs and identify potential savings. We use big data streaming and analysis, and work with you to carry out carbon audits – creating your own, bespoke in-house carbon pricing scheme that is in line with the science.




We work with you to identify unseen costs, aligning your financial proposition (or bottom line) with your carbon footprint, to optimise decision-making and to save you money.



Carbon risk management is worth $600 billion a year. We can utilise our system to calculate if you have this risk covered. It’s no secret that a 4 degree world is uninsurable.



We advise you on how to put a price on your assets, measuring their carbon intensity and tracking the liability of the businesses that you invest in. Just how stranded are your assets?



We help you explore the benefits of adopting a carbon price, for all fuel types, that works in conjunction with national policy to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon future and promote international harmonisation.







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