Current Temperature Anomaly Data | PALcarbon API


Access latest global intra-day temperature anomaly data using PALcarbon’s API.  Readings are updated throughout the day.  Data is available in JSON or CSV format.

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Temperature Anomaly


Access the latest global intra-day temperature anomaly, using a 1980-2015 baseline. A 60 day simple moving average has been applied to smooth the temperature anomaly.  Readings update every 15-30 minutes.

API Request{format}


  • f –  the required format of the response: csv or json. The default is json.

API Response

  • id – the data series id
  • name – the data series name
  • ta – the temperarture anomaly reading
  • datetime – the time of the latest reading

API Request Example

API Response Example (json)


API Response Example (csv)

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